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Got a new comic for youse guys http://www.adventuresome.ca/2014/06/04/06042014/

Got a new comic for youse guys http://www.adventuresome.ca/2014/06/04/06042014/

Zines will ruin your lifehttp://www.adventuresome.ca/2014/05/29/05292014/



  • Soda Shaq is super delicious, and makes a great mixer for weird cocktails. 
  • We experienced so much love for SHAQZINE. One dude totally lost his marbles in the best way possible, another person told us how many copies of Shaq-Fu they owned (more that 8!), and cartoonist Kate Beaton said, “Oh hey. It’s Shaqzine.” 

  • We sold out of SHAQZINE!!! Thank you everyone who stopped by to purchase a copy! We brought a box of 50 copies, sold out of those, and started taking preorders for the next printing. Wooo!

  • Our preorder will include some copies to bring with us to conventions, and for the online store, but judging from its reception at TCAF, those copies will go fast. Make sure you don’t miss out! 

    ***Preorder your copy of SHAQZINE here***

Shaqzine was hot, y’all. The ten thousand tiny gnomes that power Jason’s powerful brain got these zines up to Toronto for the best dang weekend ever.

New issues will be ordered in shortly and I’ll be sure to scream out loud about where and how you can get those for me in the future. In the meantime you can pre-order some copies at that there link above! 


Words and pictures simply can’t express what a fantastic time I had this last weekend at TCAF. I am so stoked and so thankful to have been able to spend a weekend with so many of you lovely people I only ever see through my computer screen.

In no particular order, some of the people I saw this weekend were:

amillustration angelamelick loremjay dakotamcfadzean andywarnercomics fuckyeahlizprince caseyboots jaymarcy1970 sfemonster joshpm ekubli andsoluke pigeonbits sahsashas aprilmalig jonchad jpcoovert geewebber hannahblumenreich bigbigtruck rebeccamock careydraws robbieandbobby keithmclean cloudscapecomics and so, so many others.

I know I’ve forgotten people - this weekend was so packed - but rest assured that I think you’re wonderful and I can’t wait to see you again next year. Go team comics! I love you guys! *fist pumps* <3

TCAF was the best time! Now that it’s over I am just wandering the streets of Toronto like one of those weeds that is always tumbling.


SHAQZINE is a fan tribute to Shaquille O’Neal featuring comics, illustrations, and writing from 50 of this generation’s greatest creative minds.

Buy SHAQZINE - http://shaqzine.bigcartel.com/

Video edited by Austin Havican.
Titles & Effects by Keith Mclean

Music courtesy of Don Slepian

doo doo dooooo



During its seven week submission window, SHAQZINE received a colossal 86 submissions! WOW. Thanks so much to everyone for the huge support, for sending us your Shaqs, and for spreading the word about SHAQZINE!

You can see all of the submissions on the Shaqzine tumblr here.

Here are the 50 contributors we were able to include in the 70 page printed edition of SHAQZINE:

Preorder SHAQZINE here!

Shaqzine is love.

All hail Shaqzine

A new comic &lt;3 http://www.adventuresome.ca/2014/04/21/04212014/
Neil Cicierega - Mullet With Butterfly Wings
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